Francesco Marchetti is one of the most appreciated composer and conductor in Italy and outside. His experience comes across the classical music, pop music, rock-metal, world and electronic music.
Since he was a child, he studied classical piano, but listening in the mean time to Vangelis, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Supertramp, Genesis, Sakamoto, David Byrne, Chick Corea, John Williams, Bill Conti, just to mention some favourites.
This variety of musical background makes him able to easily create music of any kind and style, but in a precise and personal way.
As he worked very much as an orchestrator, he is one of the few composers around  able to be totally indipendent, without the need of any other collaborator or orchestrator as well. This gives a great advantage to the productions, significantly cutting the music production's pipeline costs.
Moreover, his great experience in the movie industry assures short time deadlines with the best possible quality, thanks also a worldwide renowed ability in the orchestral and instrumental computer simulation;
In few words he gives you the possibilty to have outstanding original music for any application (movies, commercials, TV series, VideoGames etc.), with a powerful orchestral impact, as well as an intimate and sweet sound, at a fraction of the cost of a standard production pipeline.
A composer, a conductor, an orchestrator, a programmer, a copyist...all in one man.

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Francesco is going to orchestrate and conduct the latest Christmas movie score

Francesco is scoring some upcoming amazing documentaries. Soon in stores!

Francesco is going to orchestrate and conduct the latest Fausto Brizzi's movie score

February 2012
Francesco is going to orchestrate and conduct the latest Iginio Straffi's movie score for the Paramount (Usa)
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